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4 Amazing Bonuses all Designed so You Will Manifest Your Goals and Achieving Your God-Given Dreams!

Your Bonuses Are:

Bonus 1: Weekly Tips to Boost Your Clients and Cash 

It's a video series.

Business Intuitive Shelley Sanders

Bonus 2: Life Purpose Assessment 

Identifying your purpose is an essential part of launching your business or stepping out into entrepreneurship. Knowing your purpose is the blueprint which will allow you to build a firm foundation which will cause your business to thrive and prosper.

Life Purpose Coach Tonya Ratliff

Bonus 3: Your Money Mindset Thermostat 

What makes your money mind work?. Do you have trouble talking about money with your partner? Are you comfortable with discussing investments? Your Money Mindset Thermostat. 

Financial Psychologist Anita Renee Johnson

Bonus 4: Soulmate Client Discovery

A guide to speaking your ideal customer's love language. Shine your light authentically and consistently. The people who resonate with WHO YOU ARE will become your lifetime customers and best referrers. 

Online Marketing and Social Media Whipper Snapper Nannette Minley

Bonus 5: The Intuitive Business Building Blueprint  

The Intuitive Business Building Blueprint you'll learn how to use your own conscious intuition to grow personally and professionally. You'll get proven principles and exercises so you can harness your own unique gifts and the power of your intuition to develop the life you desire and, most importantly ... the life you deserve!

The Liberating Leadership Coach Dana Zarcone

Bonus 6: 5 Easy Steps To Beat Your Fear Toolkit 

How to Build Confidence with the Right Tools

How to release fear from killing your dreams

How to ban fear from robbing you from promotion

The Dream Builder Pat B. Freeman

Bonus 7: Video Visibility Assessment

Are You Maximizing The Platform of Video In Your Business? Assessment to find out exactly: "How Video Ready Are YOU?"

Business Coach & Performance Expert Michelle Kopper

Bonus 8: A Writer's Strategy Guide

If you're already a writer, or want to become one, A Writer's Strategy Guide, walks you through an assessment that helps you determine how to move forward in the most beneficial way. 

Linda Stirling Dean of Dreams

Bonus 9: 7 Days To Clarity

How to operate your business from your strengths

The 4 ways people are wired for success and how to identify your way

How to control overwhelm and focus on what will bring you results

Truthpreneur Tanya Patxot

Bonus 10: The 5 Keys to Treating Binge Eating

Feeling Like a Slave to Food? How to Create a Peaceful Relationship with Food and Stop Binge Eating. You’ll learn how to become calm around food and how to stop the insanity of yo-yo dieting and food obsession.

Certified Food Psychology Coach Julie Latz

Bonus 11: Empowering The Unavailable Man To Commit

Discover the secret for knowing when a man is truly ready for a loving, committed relationship or if he’s terminally unavailable and can never give you the love you deserve. If he is ready for love, find out how to empower him to give you the commitment you desire so you are both are happy and fulfilled.  

Dating for True Love Expert Pamela Vandervoort 

Bonus 12: 7-Day Total Transformation 

7 day journey of transformation through prayer, meditation, and gratitude. Unlock your ability to look at every aspect of your life with an increased sense of self compassion, self awareness, and self worth. 

Amanda Boyd Holistic Health & Wellness Strategist

Bonus 13: 'How to Let Other People’s Judgments Go and Feel Confident Just As You Are'. Let no one bring you or your dreams down

Have you ever had a great vision or dream that you wanted to manifest, but those inner and outer voices of judgment stopped you in your tracks? Let self-doubt & criticism be a thing of the past because here's the perfect PDF guide you need. Just get this great PDF guide and feel how you've already got the confidence within you!

Women's Tribe Leader of Feminine Space & I Matter Coach Natasha Koo 

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